Izidore – Application Design

UX/UI design

Izidore has invented the garage sale online to buy or sell furniture in a simple and fun way.

Today, the startup created under the name Les Cartons has a new look by refounding its editorial and visual identity to become Izidore.

Li-Nó Design accompanied the team of Izidore in its moult by working on a new ergonomics and by adapting the design of the application to its new identity.

The first step in our collaboration was to graphically overhaul the homepage and then other key screens to teste the new design on the most strategic pages of the app.

We have defined the graphic codes that will be kept in the future to ensure unity on all other pages of the application:

  • Navigation elements
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Buttons, Call To Action
  • Text fields and forms
  • Focus areas


We then focused on developing a UI Design Kit that aims to catalog all the graphic elements and other typographic rules previously defined to allow Izidore’s technical teams to deploy the webdesign on all pages of the site.

This UI Design Kit will also make it possible to evolve the application while maintaining a coherent graphic unit.


Les actions de Li-No Design sur le projet :

  • UX Design: Conception of the interactivity of strategic processes: Deposit and purchase of furniture, online payment.
  • UI Design: Redesign of web design in accordance with the new identity of the application, delivery of a UI Design kit for technical teams.