The Wave Factory – Signage and Graphic Design

Signage and Graphic Design

The Wave Factory, the first indoor artificial wave in Portugal has just opened!

This new concept in the center of the capital, will serve as a meeting point for fans of surfing wishing to surf with family or friends whatever the weather conditions. The place also offers an amazing restaurant & bar.

Following our first mission for The Wave Factory to design the visual identity of the place, Li-Nó Design focused on deploying the previously defined graphics codes in situ and on various communication media.

The graphic identity of the brand is articulated around a basic form representing a perpetual wave referring to the concept of The Wave Factory. Pictograms and a color code have been defined to clearly identify the two spaces and activities: blue for surfing and a golden brown for restoration. The entire graphic charter that we have developed thus reflects the three values ​​that the brand wanted to transmit: leisure, conviviality and technical innovation.

Outside, we intervened on the design of the signboard and windows. We then applied the graphic codes to signage and decoration, menus, placemats, posters, flyers and business cards.


Li-Nó Design supported the project in the following tasks:

  • Main and alternative logo design
  • Setting the color palette
  • Definition of Typography
  • Creation of pictograms and icons
  • Realization of the signage
  • Realization of menus, placemats, posters, flyers and business cards.
  • Intervention on various elements of decoration


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