Amnesty International, Video Project

Video Capture & Editing

Amnesty International Portugal was responsible by the creation of the event ‘Fórum da Coragem’ at Museum of Telecommunications in Lisbon.
The days were marked by lectures, debates, exhibitions …
Public debates were attended by government representatives, host associations, centralizing and refugee associations and public participation.

Amnesty International presented in this context the project: I open the door.
Through 5 interviews the public had the opportunity to see and hear the stories of 5 families of refugees who were forced to flee their country of origin.

Li-Nó Design has opened the door to this project
We had the opportunity to shoot 2 interviews with refugees in Portugal and then edit 5 videos exposed in the ‘Fórum da Coragem’.
The cohesion of the videos was worked by the soundtrack and the elements in Motion design that ensured the uniformity throughout the project.


Li-No Design’s actions on the project:

  • Video/Sound recording of 2 interviews
  • Video editing (5 videos)
  • Subtitling