Visual Identity and Logo – Swell & Wood

Visual Identity and Logo

The concept of Swell & Wood is to extend the spirit of surfing to your living room.
Li-Nó Design has created for this young brand its Visual Identity and Logo.

This Bordeaux company produces and markets surfboards for walls that will highlight your surfboards, longboards or paddels.
Entirely hand-made, these unique solid wood pieces are available in various designs to suit all styles.

The logo and graphic universe of the brand are directly inspired by the American spirit “West Coast”, the cradle of surfing.
Li-Nó Design has designed for Swell & Wood a pictogram, representing the modeled product, illustrations and graphic materials for various promotional media: t-shirts, websites, social networks, …

Li-Nó Design supported the project in the following tasks:

  • Logo creation
  • Setting the color palette
  • Creating pictograms and illustrations
  • Creation of graphic materials for site customization and printing on t-shirts