Kulile – Branding

With Kulile you can create furniture for children in a simple and fast way. In a few clicks, thanks to online personalization tools, you can have unique furnishings.
An original offer for all that like to be singular.

The brand Kulile already had a visual identity before the intervention of Li-Nó Design, however, its image did not reach the values of the brand, being also feminine, static and with little personality.

Our mission was to give life and color to the brand!
We have redesigned the graphic charter giving greater pleasure and universal echoing the online personalization service.

Li-Nó Design supported the project in the following tasks:

  • Setting the color palette
  • Definition of Typography
  • Creating Pictograms
  • Setting photo filters
  • Creating Business cards
  • Realization of the professional Facebook page – cover and profile


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