Doctor Fiori – Logo

Logotype / Branding

Because the road leading to the birth of a child often seems endless and chaotic, Dr Fiori, specialized in Reproductive Medicine, does everything to support her patients in a rigorous and positive way.

The practice of assisted procreation requires close cooperation between the two members of the couple and the professional. The three superimposed rounded shapes that make up the base of the logo symbolize this couple-doctor cooperation. At the center of these forms is represented the first stage of embryonic construction: cell division.

Finally, the whole thing evokes a flower, symbol of fertility and life.

Both soft and technical, the logo we created for Dr. Fiori embodies a human and rigorous vision of the practice of Medically Assisted Procreation.

The colors we have chosen to accompany the logo extend the initial concept, combining softness and optimism.


Li-Nó Design supported the project in the following tasks:

  • Logo design
  • Setting the color palette