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Our Portuguese client Boato Woodworking creates superb bespoke furniture in all types of wood. Unfortunately, their website did not sufficiently highlight their achievements and above all did not use the essential keywords of their work in terms of SEO. We therefore recreated a very simple WordPress site based on Divi, then highlighted their work by classifying their portfolio by materials, category and tag, in order to optimize the referencing of each of their projects as much as possible.
The result was not long in coming, they went from less than 5 visitors per day to around twenty per day today (site put online in May 2020).

Boato Woodworking Analytics

Li-No Design actions on this project:

  • WordPress: Redesign of the site with a minimalist design, highlighting Boato Woodworking’s creations.
  • SEO: Implementation of a technical SEO strategy on all terms of the construction of wooden furniture: materials, furniture, layouts, etc.
  • Training: A short WordPress/SEO training allowed managers to update the site and continue work on SEO.