Learn Martial Arts with the Pros at ATC MMA Studio

Many cheap imitations exist, but with the addition of ATC Mixed Martial Arts Studio to the Gallatin, Tennessee area, the real deal has finally arrived in the south. Master K.O. Spillman brings his more than 30 years martial arts experience as a 8th DAN belt to the Sumner County area, as well as his family of world certified masters. Spillman has trained along side some of the best names in MMA today as well as the legends of the sport – Roycian Gracie, Roycian Gracie Jr., David “Tank” Abbott and a host of others names.

The new 2200 square foot air conditioned facility opened in the Village Green area of town in September of 2011, and has already proved to be a hit with the community. Hailing from the Corona, California area, this is the first location of ATC outside of the west coast. Programs are available for the entire family, boys and girls, men and women, from toddlers all the way up. Police and other law enforcement officials can also find benefit from attending the specialized training available at ATC. In addition to family and public classes, members can choose private 60 minute instructional lessons with Master K.O. Spillman.

Choose your favorite discipline or a combination of several. Taekwondo, kickboxing, Hapkido, Gracie Jiu Jitsu, ployometrics, and weapons are available, or simply come in for self defense techniques or one of the best complete cardio workouts you can get. Whether training on a professional level or just for fun, ATC has all of your needs covered. A total of 12 ATC locations are in existence, with plans for more facilities underworks.

Martial arts is not about fighting or beating people up. It is a discipline, a form of art that is a godsend once mastered. It can teach self confidence, relieve stress, help with ADD/ADHD/attention problems, teach self defense and so much more while also providing a great workout and the peace of mind knowing that, should you find yourself in need of protecting yourself, the needed skills to do so are with you.

ATC goes above and beyond to provide this quality instruction to every student coming before them. While many of the other martial arts studios and trainers focus more on the amount of money that can be made in a week, Master Spillman and his team of instructors go above and beyond to ensure that all entering the world of martial arts understand and respect the sport before them. It is easy to see and feel the difference in the training that you will receive when you choose the real deal to learn! ATC holds memberships with several elite organizations across the world, including the Tae Kwon Do Athletic Union, TaeKwonDo International and The Korea Hapikdo Federation to name a few.