One32, E-commerce Website

E-commerce Website and Web Design

“Ethical and equitable bags”

With a combination of tradition and modernity in mind, One32 was created by women of the world for women of the world.
Worldwide encounters with local artisans enable One32 to showcase traditional and ancestral craftsmanship.

To highlight the creations of One32, Li-Nó Design has designed a E-commerce Website with a sober and elegant graphic design.

The bags are presented through a monochromatic composition. This strategy leaves the spotlight in the vibrant colors and eclectic materials of the products.

Congratulations to photographer Charlotte Valade for her vibrant shots.

Technically, we guided the One 32 team on the choice of Woocommerce platform based on WordPress.
A solution adapted to a small and medium-sized e-shop, allowing to easily manage the functionalities related to the on-line sale and to update the contents with simplicity.

Li-Nó Design supported the project in the following tasks:

  • Creating web design
  • Design integration in WordPress
  • SEO Optimization
  • Training and support