Ivy Partners – Branding

Visual Identity/Branding

Ivy Partners is a young shoot. An ivy shoot, a symbol of vitality and growth, durability and persistence. Through its visual identity, the consulting company wanted to convey two founding values: people and innovation. Two notions perceived as contradictory, a challenge for Li-Nó Design. The logo we designed essentializes the ivy leaf in a minimalist and dynamic way. Its wired graphic treatise evokes movement and collaboration. The two typographies used for the name of the company combine seriousness, efficiency and innovation. To go with this logo, we have developed a palette of refined colors combining strength and dynamism, as well as a series of visuals mixing nature, architecture and innovation on which we have added a filter of textured gradients which brings a soft and natural graphic unity.

Li-No Design’s actions on the project:

  • Creation of the logo.
  • Definition of the graphic charter: typography, color palette, accompanying visuals, layout rules.
  • Creation of printed and digital media.